We Like Going Braless

We are back with a new  experience of being braless. Now we have not only medical facts but also real stories of braless women from all part of the world.


5 days braless and looking forward to a bra-free future!

I am a 38C and have finally made the decision to take off my bra.  My mother is a breast cancer survivor, and after reading the studies in the news lately, I have come to realize that I should at least try going braless.  I have read several of your blog posts about how to ease into it; however, I decided to just take the plunge and go completely braless.  I knew that if I just went for a day or two, I'd probably put the bra back on and not be as willing to take it off again.  

Thus far, I have been braless for almost a week.  I have walked braless, shopped braless, worked braless, and even cycled braless.  My intention is to be brafree permanently, but I'm taking it week by week.  For my first week, I have bagged up all 24 of my bras and put them in the closet.  When I reach my three-month "no-bra-nniversary," which happens to fall around my birthday, those bras will leave my house and my life forever. I plan to report back by then that I've achieved my goal and am permanently brafree.

Jean M.  
United States

The "all natural" look

I'm 30 and from Texas.
I'll admit...when I was married to my first husband, I had a BFF who chose to go bra-less.  I was upset that anytime my husband was around her, I got all "hot and bothered."  I was so immature then.  I was uncomfortable with the fact her nipples were somewhat exposed through her shirt.  But, she flat out told me they made her uncomfortable, and she didn't really have anything to "hold up" anyway.  Now that I'm remarried, my current husband is the one who encouraged me to go bra-less.  He prefers the "all natural" look anyway, and I think he got tired of hearing me complain about how much it hurt to wear one.  Hahaha.  Yes, every once in awhile I will wear a bra, if I intend to wear something a bit more form-fitting and say, I'm headed to church.  It's not because I'm ashamed to go bra-less, but it's because I realize not everyone is comfortable with that idea to begin with.  Respect goes both ways.  Trust me, though.  Hubby is NOT happy when I wear one.  He sees how uncomfortable it makes me, sitting in the pew, scratching where the straps are and where the clasp is in the back.  He acts as though it'll burn his hand and won't touch it, which makes me laugh.  If he sees it, he'll say, "What the Hell is that?"  Lol.  All in all, though, I'm glad I don't wear one.  I feel better, both inside and out.  I feel beautiful and unashamed of how God made me.  I feel the same way about my bra-lessness the same way I feel about my hair color.  Why mess with what's natural and what God gave you?

A family friend recently had a baby, and she is trying to breast feed.  While excusing myself to the back bedroom to help her (my daughter trailing behind), my friend subsequently took out her breast to begin feeding her child.  My daughter, who had never been exposed to breast feeding before, had looked a bit surprised, looked at the breast, and then looked at me.  My friend, seeing my daughter's embarrassment, asked me if I preferred if she covered up.  I said, "No, she'll be fine."  It was a great opportunity for me to explain to her what the breast is used for, and explained in nature (with cows, kitties, deer, etc.) that is how babies are fed as well.  We sat there for a minute, then excused ourselves to let my friend finish feeding her baby in privacy.  I find it's important to explain the function of breastfeeding (even though I didn't do it myself) to my daughter, so she understands that breasts are nothing to be embarrassed about.  I also explained that sometimes moms need some privacy, too, which is why we excused ourselves.

Texas, United States

The Bra they will go away. Still not done.

I am 28. Last year my Aunt died of breast cancer and my Oma got it. Thankfully she beat it. I started doing research and came across lots of information. The first being the relationship between bras and cancer. I did more research and learned about the numerous studies they did on the correlation of breasts and sagging, bras vs bra less. In each study they discovered that the saggier breasts were by the bra wearers while on the bra less the breasts had actually gotten perkier. The chest muscles have to work to support them without the bras. After reading that I came across the extremely valid point that Victoria's Secret had tried numerous studies to prove there bras promoted perkiness and prevented sagging. They didnt get the results they wanted so mums the word. They are a multi billion dollar company. That's why women are shamed into thinking they need to wear a bra. Women see nude tribal pictures of women and stick up their noses and say humfff, she's so saggy because she doesnt wear a bra. They arent factoring in that those women are in a different culture, a culture where women have babies way younger then us and wAy more children.

then I discovered that getting rid of those benign lumps can be caused by bras. Simply removing them will.

the bra they will go away.

still not done.

I actually have two friends that had the breast cysts and were supposed to take drugs or surgery to remove it. I told them both to change from a bra to just sports bras for a month and they would see a huge difference. They both were leery but they did it and it worked. Doctors dont tell them those things because they make more money doing it their way.

All of those factors made me decide maybe being bra less was for me. Especially since women once had to wear corsets, in Japan they had to wear absurd things on there feet so their feet stayed small and last but not least there's actually a culture that forces women into these metal rings that makes their necks giraffe like.

It's all completely barbaric. Society is quite literally brainwashing women to get breast cancer. I chose to lessen that risk. Plus my daily back pain has completely gone away.

Julia Saenz


I started doing this about a week ago after reading your blog. I have fibro and I was concerned that I was constricting my lymph nodes  which is a known problem for fibro patients. I can feel everything moving around except...my boobs. I typically wear shelf-bra tops in the summer anyhow, and I'm not too generously endowed, so i think i'm not at risk of straining my chest ligaments. 

Kate Harvey

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  1. I am 41 and a 34B. Being a wondrbra fanatic for decades I was surprised to hear my new boyfriend, who is a doctor, telling me how bad wearing a bra all the time could be for my breasts. So I decided to go braless for some days during summer vacations and surprise it was easier and less embarassing than I thought. So I go on for a braless week now that I am back home. I packed all my bras in the bottom of my closet and there I am...this is my second braless day in the city. I often have the feeling that people stare at my nipples but I am getting more and more used to it and I feel more and more confortable, it's all in our mind after all...
    I am very happy I found other women to share my effort for a braless future.


    1. I hope you never return to wearing a bra for any reason. My wife believes she must wear a bra anytime away from home. Bras have damaged her lymph nodes & caused inverted boils/discoloration...looks nasty... where her bra band & cups are. She has semi large nipples & is way to overly conscientious about them showing. I've tried my best get her to burn them all as she has nothing to be ashamed of...42DD! Hopefully more women will follow your lead & someday bras will be banned!

  2. By the way, NONE of you ladies posting photos of your natural God given breasts/nipples have anything to be ashamed of. Free them all & get rid of those killer double-barreled sling shots forever & do yourself a favor doing it...don't worry about the leers, they are only highly appreciative or jealous!

  3. Just a small correction: foot binding was practiced in China, not Japan. It began to be banned in the early 1900s and is still illegal.

  4. I've been braless for a year and a half now. There's no going back now. Freedom. Don't care what looks you get. Most of them are smiles of recognition from women that would want to themselves, but don't feel they can, or appreciative men admiring a natural woman anyhow. Otherwise, they don't seem to notice. I sure do. My breathing and musculature has improved amazingly. Thank you for doing what you are doing by spreading the word.

    1. Smart lady & thanks for posting!

  5. Been braless for 10 years now! I despise bra's... I'm a 38C. My nipples are like bullets sticking straight out from my chest. I do NOT care! Someone once suggested I "tame" them with bandaids. No way, band aids are itchy. Bra's are itchy, uncomfortable, hot, and expensive. I usually don't wear tight knits, but looser fitting cotton tops, etc. I don't wear underwear either. I noticed years ago that underwear pulls the pubic hair at the root and makes me itch like crazy. I wear skirts, dresses, pants...all with no underwear or bra's. I do admit though, if I am around people who are uncomfortable seeing my bullet style nipples, I will position my arms, books, or purse in a way that is less offensive. Some men, however, just can't take their eyes off of them. It's like they're hypnotized! It's fun to watch their reaction! Bottom line is that bra's are a nuisance. I challenge any woman to ask themselves HONESTLY, "Why are you wearing a bra?". If they are honest with themselves, they will see it is for ridiculous reasons.

    1. I am way ahead of the curve in this topic Been braless and pantie free over 25 years. I have large 46f"s that is a fair estimate measured 15 years ago. The right side is a full cup size bigger as well I have bullet thick nipples and large 3 inch dark areolas too. I don't hide or band aid them or try to cover them. I can dress down if I choose too or wear tank tops and show off everything my choice. if you don't like seeing them dont look bras are a joke and not needed. My f's move and sway and I am fine with that and men love and some woman do too. Jill

  6. Sorry ladies but it's men who invented bras, pantyhose and other uncomfortable things because we want you to look a certain way. It isn't right. Dress the way you want. My wife quit bras and pantyhose years ago. She's a small breasted woman but she's so much more comfortable. I find her more sexy braless panty hose are

    gone. They always made her itchy. She's got fabulous legs and I've told her she need not cover them. Winter can be a challenge for her. Although she has boots on her feet will get cold after some time and she's always hated socks.